Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Phoenix Under Fire

No, I'm not talking about the range fires that have been burning up millions of acres in the dry southwest. This is a much more deadly and unpredictable menace, two serial killers still on the loose. As my mother puts it,
We go on with the serial killers here - two of them. No clue to what is going on but they strike from 10 PM to 4AM. Just awful. People are pretty scared.
This may sound cold, but the killing spree is somewhat of a wakeup call for people in that area. Firearms sales are up. I'd be willing to bet the cops will not find them until they attack the wrong person...the person who is determined not to be a victim, got themselves effective tools of defense, learned how to use them, and carried them with them always. Basically, these whack jobs will eventually attack a person who is ready for them and that will end it with the serial killer DRT -- Dead Right There, taking the eternal dirt nap, assuming room temperature. And the media will do just as happened with the knife attack in Tennessee - misreport the story and leave out that it was a citizen with a concealed weapon who ended the conflict, or invent "facts" regarding how the conflict was ended. (Yes, those fictional accounts have now been corrected and are no longer online...)

Because the moral foundation the country was founded on has been so severely maligned in "society", anyone who goes out anywhere and is not preapared to defend themselves from a violent assault is giving up every hope of returning safely. No, it won't happen every time and probably not for years. But it only takes one time. The lives of good citizens are too valuable to allow them to be snuffed out by a sociopathic mutant. It is time for the rest of us to return to the days of the American Revolution when everyone was armed and expected to be so. Crime was virtually zero. Same is true for the "old west" - although the "meet me at high noon" style gunfight was popularized in Hollywood inventions, the old Dodge City was a safer place to be than today's Washington DC. As Robert A. Heinlein is oft quoted, "An armed society is a polite society...".

It's time we made society polite again.


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