Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Just a thought

Something to kick this blog off the ground. As I've always believed that everyone is entitled to my opinion and acted accordingly, here's the chance to prove it.

It remains to be seen whether there's enough spare bandwidth in my average day to make this blog worth reviewing on a regular basis. My personal web site was updated once about 6 years ago...

All that said, I do enjoy active discourse with people who can express themselves articulately, have opinions they can back up with logic and facts, and who have minds open to new ideas but not so open-minded their brains fell out. If this actually works, you will find that there is absolute truth, but unlike others with strong views, I don't even begin to think I'm the source of it. If you think you are, you get about one chance to be reformed, so feel free.

Comments are always welcome. Cheap shots and ad hominem attacks will probably be sent unceremoneously to the bit bucket, regardless of whether they target me or others, and regardless of whether I agree with the comments or not. Repeated offenses will be cause for banishment. Conversely, you can hit the issues as hard as you want with reason, logic, and facts. However, if you just parrot some whacko talking points (right or left), you'll be swimming in the same honey bucket with the previous offenders. Nobody has to agree with me, of course -- I'll defend to the death your right to be wrong. Just disagree agreeably and nobody gets killed. Do we understand each other? More importantly, I couldn't care less whether we understand each other on this point as long as you understand me...after all, it's my blog, I'm not the State, and freedom of speech isn't guaranteed by anything other than the benevolence of my dictatorship!

I've never "blogged" before, and I'm not really a huge follower of any, although I did get one of the coveted commenter accounts at Michelle Malkin's new video blog site, Hot Air, so I will try to make that worth the space it consumes. There are many great blogs out there, and probably many more worthless ones. I might link to a few occasionally, but that likely will not be the main focus of what happens here.

Not that it's likely, but anyone who might have been here before and noticed the date changed on this first post gets extra credit if you can figure out why. :)


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