Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mike DeWine - Now in Top 10 Senators!!

Yes, Ohio's senior RINO in the Senate has made it onto a Top Ten list of Senators. How did he do this? By just being himself, of course!! HumanEventsOnline.com has published two Top Ten lists - one of most anti-gun Senators and one of anti-gun Representatives posted the week prior. Now, he could have tried a little harder, because at number 10, he was beat out by the only other Republican to make the lists - House Republican Mike Castle from Deleware made it up to number 7 on his list.

So, in a state that swung against Kerry (arguably due in some part to his bogus goose hunting trip where he honked off the media by not giving them a real interview and proved just how much of a hunter he is by not even carrying out his own birds) and has a large number of real hunters, plus a strong pro-gun electorate, Senator DeWine proves how much he doesn't represent the constituents and gets national recognition in the same class with Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy, and five other Senators who have made their camp so far to the left of the mainstream that there aren't even mosquitos...

Gotta admit that it really takes some kind of arrogance to so completely flaunt the will of the people that you get national recognition as the only Republican in the Senate on this particular Top Ten list.

So would someone please explain to me why both the Ohio Republican Party, the national party organization, and even President Bush supported this guy in the primaries against two real conservatives? Comments welcome if you can figure it out...please!

[Thanks to Cam Edwards and NRA News for pointing out this list...]

Update....someone else also noticed
Yes, the Brady Bunch has endorsed Mike DeWine. Wow. I mean, we always knew this RINO Senator had little in common with basic standards like, say, the Constitution, but a full endorsement by Queen Sarah herself? You really have to admire someone who can snorkle that particular crowd for an endorsement! Should be interesting to see how that affects the outcome. The last Rassmussen poll shows DeWine down to Sherrod Brown by a few points but within the margin of error.

There were hints of a third party candidacy by George Mays. The last update was that he didn't gather enough petition signatures to get on the ballot. Looks like we're stuck with DeWine and Sherrod Brown. Ohio voters now have to choose between two absolutely horrible candidates for a national office. It's depressing.


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