Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Ice Cream Social? YGBSM!!

Got this lovely email addressed to me, personally, signed by Alice DeWine, inviting me to ... well, you can read...
I wanted to remind you that my family's annual Ice Cream Social is next Sunday, June 25th from 1 to 5pm in Cedarville. Our family tradition of hosting the Ice Cream Social is older than I am, with this year marking the 30th Anniversary of the very first one. So, it is going to be an extra-special event this year and just a great day of old-fashioned, family fun.

Everyone is invited -- so please tell your family and friends!
Today, Mom, Grandma, and a few of Mom's friends made over 150 pies for the Ice Cream Social. Mom put them in the deep freeze and will bake them the day before the Social. My favorite is rhubarb-strawberry, and Mom always saves an apple pie for Dad! Our local dairy -- Young's Jersey Dairy -- will provide the ice cream.
The Ice Cream Social really is a great time for the whole family. There will be jugglers, face-painting, and games for the kids. And, everyone will enjoy performances by local theater and musical groups. Dad will judge the three-legged and sack races, and my favorite -- the pie eating contest!
The Ice Cream Social costs just $5 for adults and kids are free!
To get there, just take I-70 (west) from Columbus to Route 72, then go 12 miles to Cedarville, and follow the signs. You can take I-71 (north or south) to Route 35 (west) to the Bickett Road exit. Again, just follow the signs. Or, take Route 42 (east) from Xenia to Cedarville.

I hope to see you there, and remember -- bring your family and friends! We'll have a fantastic time!

Alice DeWine
P.S. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call our office at (614) 229-5380 or email us at

Paid for by Mike DeWine for U.S. Senate
(Not at Government's Expense)

So, I'm posting this here since she all but insisted I invite my friends...whether I plan on going or not.

Gee, I don't know...think it's likely her husband will be willing to engage in some lively conversation? neither... Besides, the gall of inviting me to a big family party they're throwing and telling me it costs $5....

I also received a call yesterday from the Ohio Republican Party looking for money. Felt a little sorry for the kid who called...he really tried hard. Basically, every time I'd mention the party's support for DeWine as a reason to not contribute, he'd tell me about defeating Hillary Clinton, keeping a Republican majority in both houses, and getting Ken Blackwell elected to Governor. Hillary? Sorry, I thought this was the OHIO Repbulican Party calling... Yes, I'll probably vote for DeWine since there apparently isn't a conservative running. The Ohio Republican Party wouldn't abandon him during the primaries and back Smith or Pierce instead. As bad as DeWine is, at least he's not the liberal wack job Sherrod Brown. Still, it would be nice to have someone to vote for instead of just choosing who to vote against. But I'm damn sure not going to give the spineless Ohio organization any money...anything I'll give will go directly to the candidates. The party didn't even back Blackwell during the primaries...refused to make a selection between him and Petro until after the primaries when there wasn't any decision left to make. Could they have backed Blackwell earlier, "encouraged" Petro not to run in the primary and saved that money for the general election? Sure, but that would require a conservative spine. Don't think there's one to be found.

I told the kid that I'd be happy to support the party when it decided to return to being conservative. Until then, I'll support candidates directly, tyvm. They have another chance in two years when teary-eyed pantywaist Voinovich's current term is up. And if the national Republican party backs someone like McCain or Frist, both of whom are supporting immigration amnesty, they'll have written me off completely. Bush has been a disappointment in that area, unfortunately. Thank God the house Republicans have their heads on straight. I do wish they'd split the immigration into two bills...first, fix the borders and stop the illegal immigration. Then, contingent on completing the first, think about a way we can let people work here if we really need them and they really, really want to work here but only if they pay a flat percentage of their income to the government as a special migrant worker income tax. And it would be a big percentage, too...something like a third, right off the top. Anyone caught working here who had been avoiding that tax would be fined an extra percentage, plus the employer would be fined the same amount. Anyone sending funds outside the country without proof of payment of this tax just have the entire transfer rerounted.

And if any Senator or Representative with an (R) after their name even hints at supporting a national minimum wage increase (Santorum??!!!), it's time to start defending the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic, exercising our rights under the First and Second Amendments...Speak, Print, and Assemble, Redress Greivances, Praise the Lord, and pass the ammunition!

So, no thanks...I can get a half gallon of Bryer's Vanilla Bean at Kroger for $5, sometimes 2 for $5...without the drive to Cedarville, the hokey yard contests, or the indigestion.


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