Monday, June 26, 2006

Gagging on Ice Cream and Pie...

My favorite Ohio "up for re-election" Senator, Mike DeWine, has posted two articles on his web site regarding last weekend's Pie and Ice Cream free-for-all, only $5. One anecdote in particular from DeWine offers sweet treats, but foe isn't buying caught my attention:

Sometimes personal connections, not issues, win votes -- as evidenced in the Cedarville crowd yesterday.

Leaning onto a red-and-white checkered tablecloth, Phyllis Orcutt of Columbus said she is a Democrat who supported Mr. Kerry's 2004 presidential bid. But she's voted for Mr. DeWine since the 1980s, when he was a congressman. At a constituent forum, she asked him to help her husband get disability benefits, and Mr. DeWine, she said, came through.

"I went to Democrat after Democrat, and nothing," Ms. Orcutt said. "So you can see why I support him." now we should vote for DeWine because he was able to buy this lady's vote away from the Democrats by making sure her husband gets disability benefits. Well, I'm really glad to finally have a reason. Until this article, I hadn't been able to find one. Unfortunately, it also means we now have two Democrats running for the Ohio Senate seat.

I really hope that Mike DeWine announces his intention to switch parties prior to the November elections. For him to have retained full integrity, he should have done that before the May primary so we could choose a Republican to run. However, it would certainly be better for him to announce his intention to switch before the election than pull a Jumpin' Jim Jeffords move and switch after the results are finalized.

No, I can't endorse voting for Sherrod Brown. But a vote for Mike DeWine is little better. This is really a case of having to vote for the horrible candidate and against the even worse one.


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