Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Demobrats National Security Collapse

Hugh Hewitt posts today at TownHall.com titled The National Security Collapse of the Democratic Party. No doubt the conclusion captured in the article title is routinely confirmed by the left side of the aisle.

So why bother even mentioning it here? He made a statement I had to dispute:
I ... want to suggest we start by assisting the four GOP incumbent senators who are best positioned to win crucial close contests:

Montana's Conrad Burns
Ohio's Mike DeWine
Missouri's Jim Talent
Pennsylvania's Rick Santorum

Each is a very solid, very committed vote for victory in the war and clarity about our enemies...

What? The senior Senator from Ohio a very solid, very committed vote on any conservative principle?

Not based on anything seen so far.

I had to comment, of course...
Neither solid nor committed...
I'm afraid I have to differ with your assessment of Mike DeWine of Ohio as a solid and committed vote for anything. Mikey has no spine whatsoever and will be more than happy to bend to whatever whim best suites his immediate purpose. Unfortunately, the conservatives in Ohio couldn't get together and agree that a single candidate would have a much better chance of drawing enough of the "Anyone But DeWhine" vote in the May primary to win the party nod. Doubly unfortunately, there are no qualified third party candidates and the Demobrat Sherrod Brown is an even worse option.

Then again, perhaps you meant that the senior Senator from Ohio would be solid and committed to freedom compared to the only remaining alternative. Against that position I can have to argument. Indeed, we're stuck with a horrible candidate to vote for instead of one that is even worse.


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