Monday, December 18, 2006

Been a while...

I guess life got "interesting" in that it's been three months since I posted here. Much has happened in that time.
  • The liberal left has been given control of the next Congress, not because they won the election, but because they control the party of the conservative Democrats who got elected. Okay, perhaps that's a little overstated. Several left wing tax and spend liberals did get elected, including Sherrod Brown in Ohio who defeated the gonadless RINO Mike DeWine.
  • Ohio lame duck Governor Taft vetoed the long-anticipated concealed carry reform act, then had that veto shoved back in his face. Thousands of gun owners (and both antigunners) called their state representatives and senators to express their desires for this bill. For the first time in 29 years, the legislature decided for the people and against the politicians. This bill fixes the insane open carry requirement for people with concealed carry permits when they are in a vehicle. Perhaps more importantly, the new law will also enact statewide preemption for firearms laws and invalidate approximately 80 local ordinances that create a patchwork of laws across the state. Big city politicians have vowed to challenge the law, so more interesting fireworks are likely to be pending.
  • I took about three days off at the end of October and went camping with my daughter. It rained constantly for the first two nights, turning the area into a big mud puddle. And as God did for Noah, the wind blew hard and dried things out a little. By Sunday, the weather was beautiful and we spent the afternoon fishing at the lake shore. That added to all the rest of the time off so far this year to make a total of four days. Guess I'd better get busy and take off the rest of the year!
  • SimTrainer Academy hosted the first NSSF First Shots® event in the Midwest last Saturday. Even though it was only scheduled and advertised for a couple weeks prior, people packed the house. A great time was had by all, including us instructors!
And that's just a few things I can think of. As much as I'd love to comment on some of the insanity swirling all around, that will have to wait. Just needed to keep this alive, in case anyone's watching.