Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cease Fire!

It's been widely reported that a ceasefire has been negotiated in the UN between Israel and Lebanon, supposedly with Nasrallah's qualified support.

The topic has received several comments at One comment in particular stoked my burner. Naturally, all that hot air had to go somewhere, so I sent it to HotAir. My rant is down about comment 21 or so.

All that said, in many ways I hope Hizbullah (no, it's not's spelled as the Israelis transliterate it to English) decides to follow their leader's guidance and continue to attack Israel as long as they remain in Lebanon. According to the terms of the agreement, that could be several weeks. Although Hizbullah must cease all attacks immediately, the agreement requires Israel to cease only offensive military operations (OP1). Basically, that means Hizbullah must stop first.

Nasrallah, in accepting the resolution, qualified that acceptance by saying 'As long as there are Israeli soldiers on our soil we'll continue to fight them.' Well, back to the resolution...

(PP5) Lebanon will be sending 15,000 troops to the southern area to extend its authority over the area and requested immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces, but (OP2) that won't happen until full cessation of hostilities, which won't happen until Hizbullah is destroyed or Nasrallah changes his perspective. Although not explicitly stated in the resolution, this is a parallel withdrawal by Israel, meaning they pull back gradually as they are replaced by Lebanese and UNIFIL forces. Those forces, especially UNIFIL forces, will not go in if there's a hot zone. So it's up to the in-place Israeli forces to hold the territory until Hizbullah stops attacking them.

The best we can hope for is that Nasrallah is true to his word and that the Hizbullah fighters back him to the end. If that happens, Israel will have the chance to do what we failed to do after their attack on our embassy...eliminate the Hizbullah army entirely.

True peace is never achieved via UN ceasefire agreements. True peace is achieved when the superior force eliminates the threat entirely and to its very roots. Israel didn't start this fight any more than we started the war at the World Trade Center. If they are not allowed to finish their war, there is very little hope we will ever be able to finish ours.

There is only one place where it's appropriate to apply a ceasefire. That's on the firing line so we can go down range to score and replace targets. In fact, I think I'll go do that later today...


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